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How to implement Tmar tests

Before implementing your first test you have to code a startup class. This class will contains whatever is needed to lead the application context and create controller. Here it is : package org.jspresso.hrsample.ext.backend; import org.jspresso.contrib.test.application .startup.AbstractTmar4JUnitBackendStartup; public class TmarBackendStartup extends AbstractTmar4JUnitBackendStartup { @Override protected String getApplicationContextKey() { return “hrsample-ext-backend-context”; } @Override protected String getBeanFactorySelector() { […]

Tmar+ master data facilities

Tmar+ helps you to copy master data from Jspresso UI to Tmar test Part 1, 2 and 3 of this article explain how to use this feature, the part 4 deals with installation. 1. Export data from Jspresso and import as Tmar specification Install the “Tmar+” action anywhere you want (see part 4) Start your […]