Sugar for Jspresso : The Jspresso DSL

Sugar for Jspresso Reference Manual



This document is a reference manual for the Jspresso domain specific language.

Table of Contents

I. Using SJS
I.1. Authoring SJS source files
I.1.1. General syntax
I.1.2. Arguments types
I.1.3. Arguments syntax
I.1.4. Simplified forms
I.1.5. Focus on the special "custom" argument
I.1.6. Properties defined as arguments or closures
I.1.7. Arguments factorization
I.1.8. Namespaces
I.2. Examples
I.2.1. SJS Domain
I.2.2. .SJS Front
I.3. Key concepts
I.3.1. Entity relationships
I.3.2. Business rules
I.3.3. Actions
I.3.4. Arbitrary beans
I.4. SJS source files organization
I.4.1. Default organization
I.4.2. Further modularization
I.4.3. Identifiers unicity scope and "spec" section
II. SJS Domain reference
II.1. Reference for SJS Domain
II.1.1. Root
II.1.2. Component
II.1.3. Common
II.1.4. BasicType
II.1.5. Association
II.1.6. Support
III. SJS Front reference
III.1. Reference for SJS Front
III.1.1. Root
III.1.2. Common
III.1.3. View
III.1.4. Tree
III.1.5. Composite view
III.1.6. Action
III.1.7. View
III.1.8. workspace
III.1.9. Module
III.1.10. Controller
III.1.11. Message
III.1.12. Suppoprort
III.1.13. Support
III.1.14. Generic

List of Tables

II.1. Domain properties
II.2. Entity properties
II.3. Interface properties
II.4. Component properties
II.5. common properties
II.6. string properties
II.7. text properties
II.8. imageUrl properties
II.9. password properties
II.10. integer properties
II.11. date properties
II.12. bool properties
II.13. decimal properties
II.14. time properties
II.15. duration properties
II.16. percent properties
II.17. enumeration properties
II.18. typeEnumeration properties
II.19. range properties
II.20. refId properties
II.21. color properties
II.22. binary properties
II.23. image properties
II.24. java properties
II.25. any properties
II.26. sourcecode properties
II.27. html properties
II.28. reference properties
II.29. list properties
II.30. set properties
II.31. external properties
II.32. paramSet properties
II.33. namespace properties
II.34. include properties
III.1. Front properties
III.2. Security properties
III.3. common properties
III.4. commonMobile properties
III.5. mobileSection properties
III.6. mobilePageAware properties
III.7. abstractChart properties
III.8. abstractPolarChart properties
III.9. abstractCartesianChart properties
III.10. chart properties
III.11. polarChart properties
III.12. cartesianChart properties
III.13. mobileChart properties
III.14. mobilePolarChart properties
III.15. mobileCartesianChart properties
III.16. commonCartesianSeries properties
III.17. lineSeries properties
III.18. barSeries properties
III.19. plotSeries properties
III.20. areaSeries properties
III.21. pieSeries properties
III.22. form properties
III.23. mobileForm properties
III.24. mapView properties
III.25. mobileMapView properties
III.26. fields properties
III.27. table properties
III.28. listView properties
III.29. mobileListView properties
III.30. columns properties
III.31. propertyView properties
III.32. stringPropertyView properties
III.33. referencePropertyView properties
III.34. enumerationPropertyView properties
III.35. image properties
III.36. html properties
III.37. actionView properties
III.38. treeNode properties
III.39. tree properties
III.40. mobileTree properties
III.41. subTree properties
III.42. tabs properties
III.43. mobileTabs properties
III.44. views properties
III.45. split properties
III.46. left properties
III.47. right properties
III.48. top properties
III.49. bottom properties
III.50. border properties
III.51. mobileBorder properties
III.52. east properties
III.53. west properties
III.54. south properties
III.55. north properties
III.56. center properties
III.57. grid properties
III.58. evenGrid properties
III.59. cells properties
III.60. cell properties
III.61. evenCell properties
III.62. entityCardView properties
III.63. basicCardView properties
III.64. actionMap properties
III.65. secondaryActionMap properties
III.66. actionList properties
III.67. action properties
III.68. next properties
III.69. wrapped properties
III.70. rowAction properties
III.71. itemSelectionAction properties
III.72. sortingAction properties
III.73. mobileNavPage properties
III.74. mobileCardPage properties
III.75. mobileCompositePage properties
III.76. selection properties
III.77. headerSections properties
III.78. nextPage properties
III.79. pages properties
III.80. sections properties
III.81. editorPage properties
III.82. workspace properties
III.83. module properties
III.84. collectionModule properties
III.85. filterModule properties
III.86. beanModule properties
III.87. nodeModule properties
III.88. controller properties
III.89. messageSource properties
III.90. external properties
III.91. template properties
III.92. paramSet properties
III.93. namespace properties
III.94. spec properties
III.95. include properties
III.96. bean properties
III.97. list properties
III.98. set properties
III.99. map properties