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Advanced filtering syntax for textual and reference properties

When Jspresso displays a filter on a textual or reference property (in a filter module by instance), the user can leverage an advanced syntax in order to query the underlying business objects. Here is a short summary of the various options : # means “is null”, i.e. not set ! means “not” & means “and”, […]

Entity modification tracking

Jspresso extension supports a simple and powerful implementation to manage tracking of data modification  : Each time some entity is updated, a new tracking record is saved The tracking record contains : The user login of the logged in user The date of the modification All modified properties “before” and “after” values, except fields marked as “excluded” […]

Sequences management

Jspresso now supports some great facilities to manage sequence for business entities : Generating and incrementing sequence number, stored into database. Managing database persistence together with the business entity, with guarantee of sequence number unicity. Managing template to format the sequence depending on sequence number and the business object itself  (i.e for example B-EN-2017-0001). New filter module […]