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Jspresso webapp using tomcat-maven-plugin

Here is how to setup your Jspresso project to run using “tomcat7-maven-plugin“. TIPS : This is useful for example if your using IntelliJ IDEA Community   1/ Configure tomcat files Choose location for tomcat configuration, for example “yourproject/webapp/conf“, to store tomcat configuration files : context.xml jaas.config log4j.xml etc. NB : You can checkout HRSample from GITHUB to get […]

Developing the Jspresso framework : using IntelliJ IDEA

Developing the Jspresso framework (not a Jspresso based application, but the framework itself), raises big challenges in terms of tooling. We are not talking about design nor architecture nor build system, but about everyday work writing, runing, testing and debugging the framework internals and how IntelliJ IDEA helps in solving these challenges. Jspresso mixes different […]