Jspresso is an innovative framework for building rich internet applications. Jspresso dramatically reduces the development cycles needed to get your corporate application up and running while not sacrificing quality, robustness and performance. Jspresso is not just another webapp framework. Jspresso based applications offer the exact same ergonomics as desktop applications while keeping an N-tier, server-centric architecture on a java backend. Jspresso-based applications can be deployed either in Adobe's Flex, qooxdoo and Swing, all on the same codebase and without a single specific line of GUI code. And last but not least, Jspresso is free.

Jspresso overview

September 2013 : Jspresso 3.7

( release notes / change log )

Jspresso is a full-stack Java/Flex/AJAX framework to develop desktop-like rich internet applications. Jspresso covers extensively the whole software architecture and relieves the developer from all the plumbing by solving most of the technical concerns. Jspresso philosophy extends the "Convention over configuration" paradigm with a descriptive strategy made of assembling built-in descriptors (java beans) from the model to the views and the workflow. Developing a Jspresso application is then a matter of describing what you want to achieve.

Take a look at the first series of HD screencasts (don't hesitate to play them fullscreen) to comfortably make your mind about Jspresso. Then dive into the live demo and screenshots, install the Eclipse plugin, follow the tutorials and browse our documentation.

Jspresso 3.7

The Jspresso Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Jspresso 3.7

Be sure to read the release notes before migrating. All changes belonging to this version are kept in the changelog.



The Jspresso Team

Jspresso Developer Studio (JDS) 1.9 released

The Jspresso team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Jspresso Developer Studio 1.9.

Beyond bug fixes, this new release set brings new features :

  • Jspresso translation support
  • Quick application workspaces hiearchy visualisation and navigation
  • Jspresso views refactoring


Enjoy !

The Jspresso Team

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