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What is Jspresso ?

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Jspresso is an innovative framework targeted at building corporate rich internet applications. Jspresso tremendously reduces the development cycles needed to get your development up and running while not sacrificing quality, robustness and performance.

Jspresso applications run on a Java backend that is built on industry standards. The frontend can be deployed as HTML5/Javascript (mobile or desktop), Flex or even Java Swing without the developers having to deal with any of these technologies.

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Live demo (log-in demo/demo) : launch it from your laptop or your mobile device.

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Follow our step by step guides to get your first Jspresso application up and running.


Read the documentation, ask questions and explore the source code.

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2015 : Native MongoDB Support

Leverage MongoDB flexibility and scalabality using Jspresso

  • enter the NoSQL world with ease
  • code as usual, Jspresso will take care of the persistence
  • use all Jspresso standard building blocks

2015 : Mobile Support

Jspresso supports mobile with a responsive layout

  • reuse 100% of your businsess code
  • simply describe your mobile UI
  • deploy them on phones and tablets
  • without any extra effort

What you get

Efficient Development

Jspresso offers a declarative approach from the model to the UI without any plumbing code. It produces better quality software that is based on industry standards while dramatically reducing development times.

Enterprise Features

Jspresso provides all features required by corporate applications that are to be deployed on a large scale basis : security, internationalization, batches, web-services integration, asynchronous messaging, …


The Jspresso Developer Studio Eclipse plugin will drive the developer through all the Jspresso features. You will get what you expect from the right IDE : code completion, code generation,  refactoring, inline documentation, …


Agile development needs a strong test harness : Jspresso covers this requirement from unit to integration and load testing. Its Tmar companion brings the capacity to embrace a behavior-driven development.

Continuous Integration

Jspresso application building, based on industry standards, fits into modern software factories. This includes continuous build with automatic tests and deployment.

Technologies Integration

Jspresso prevents technology lock-in : switch your persistence layer from relational to NoSQL, your deployment scheme from your private server to the Cloud, your UI from Flex to HTML5, almost for free.

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